Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Investigating a strategic problem (Proposal) Research Proposal

Investigating a strategic problem ( ) - Research Proposal Example The first problem concerns the license bid. The Omani government, through its regulator, TRA announced a tender for mobile license. The license biding process was highly competitive, with approximately 28 international firms bidding for the license (Birnik and Cormack 2010, p. 405). In addition to the problem of acquiring the license, the firm has to attract talent. Even though Nawras has the resources to launch its operations, it faces the problem of recruiting the right people for permanent employment. Most importantly, the firm has to develop effective strategies for competing with Omantel that has already established its presence in the country. Omantel has already acquired a customer base, developed its infrastructure and created networks with influential people. A multi-dimensional approach targeting organizational objectives and situational factors will address the problems. It will allow the organization’s administrators to approach the license problem using a collaborative strategy. Consequently, it will create meaningful relationships to address the issue. The challenges in recruiting meaningful talent can be addressed through modern recruitment processes that use social media. In addition, Omantel’s influence can be countered through dynamic pricing techniques and creating flexible services. Nawras Telecommunications is a relatively new company in Omani. Its operations face a number of strategic problems given the fact that it is yet to develop its infrastructure or acquire an efficient human resources. The challenges are compounded because it operates in a country that has underdeveloped its telecommunication regulatory and legal

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